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‘What is SCHUNCK?’  SCHUNCK is a new kind of multidisciplinary cultural institution that is specialised in Modernity and Urban Culture within international contemporary art and culture, and that aspires to act as a dynamo for a discerning and critical artistic and cultural encounter between local districts and the world at large, within the context of the southern Dutch Euro region. SCHUNCK is housed in the Glaspaleis, a unique edifice built by the architect Frits Peutz in 1935 that is included in the uia index of the 1000 most significant architectural monuments of the 20th Century.

SCHUNCK has come into being from a synergetic amalgamation of the assets of several previously independent cultural institutions: a museum of modern and contemporary art, a research and presentation centre for architecture and town planning, a public library and a music school. Combining forces in this way allows SCHUNCK, on the one hand, to function as a ‘Kunsthalle’ or a ‘site de création’, and as an educational and presentational institute concerned with architecture, visual art and film as well as, and this is a new augmentation, literature, music and dance. On the other hand, SCHUNCK is correspondingly a fullyfledged professional museum thanks to the collections in its possession and the museological circumstances it enjoys.

Additionally, SCHUNCK in its new form is still a public library and a music school/centre of art education. Thanks to the unique combination of these various characteristics SCHUNCK is, in comparison to more traditional cultural institutions, a new and innovative form of institution: a ‘newseum’. As a newseum, SCHUNCK distinguishes itself by means of its multidisciplinary setting and, above all by means of an interdisciplinary approach that consistently stimulates the innovative potential of crossovers between the various cultural disciplines.

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Bongerd 18
6411 JM Heerlen

Tel.: +31 (0)45 - 577 22 00

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