Castle Ruins

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The rich history of the Middle Ages lives again with a visit to the Castle Ruins in Valkenburg aan de Geul, and its history dating back to the 11th century! Towers jut skyward from the ruins of the once so imposing castle, the Netherlands’ only hilltop castle, looking out over the little fortress town below.

Quarters of the ruins
Visiting these historic remains of Valkenburg Castle, you can wander from the Great Hall to the defensive towers, from the dungeon to the old chapel, and from the artillery room to the subterranean escape passages to the Velvet Cave.

Relive the stirring history of the many sieges, destructions and dominions of knights such as Walram de Rosse, Gosewijn, and the Dukes of Brabant, until the final destruction of the castle on 10 December 1672 at the hands of Stadtholder Willem III.The remains of the castle ruins have stood as a quiet reminder of the proud fortress here at this prominent place in the Geul Valley ever since.

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